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What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative justice brings people together to build community and address harm through community-based circle processes. At the heart of RJ is the belief that strong communities are essential to preventing harm from occurring. When harm or conflict arises, a trauma-informed, circle practitioner engages participants in transformational processes that address the needs of all who are affected. These processes emphasize accountability, humanity and community and promote the creation of spaces of trust and respect with housemates, co-workers, and partners.


We offer in-house and campus-wide workshops and trainings on RJ, Community Building, Racial Healing, and strategies for responding to conflict and harms in your community spaces.

Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation

Check out our research and projects addressing historical harms and promoting strategies for truth-telling, justice, accountability, and repair.

RJ Services

Contact us for restorative responses for conflict and harm for faculty, staff and students. Our trauma-informed processes focus on impacts, needs, and support for all involved.

Community Engagement

Join the RJ Center as we connect and collaborate to update policies, practices, and eco-systems to better reflect our core values in Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice.